can i use curling iron on relaxed hair?

i’ve relaxed my hair the last week it’s the first time for me and i learned how to take care of it and keep it moisturized so i wanna use curling iron the digital one which i can control the heat degree is that ok or no ,,,second can i apply mousse to relaxed hair then keep it to dry completely then do curling iron or no ,,,
last question i knew that i have to keep my hair moisturized all day specially before going to sleep the question is if it’s ok to bring a spray bottle and put in it a mixure of conditioner plus serum like zero frizz and some water and spray it on my hair during day specially before sleep is that ok or what?
thz waiting for reply

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2 Responses to “can i use curling iron on relaxed hair?”

  1. ladylujo says:

    You can use curling irons on relaxed hair but you need to be extra careful that you don’t damage your hair by having them too hot or holding them in for too long as the relaxer makes your hair more prone to damage. The mousse idea should be ok, try it and see if it suits your hair. As for a spray bottle, the thing that afro hair needs most of all is moisture so go for it.

  2. Tiffany says:

    A curling iron or hair product is damaging even for someone who has never died or permed their hair. So it will be even worse for you if you just had it relaxed. But you won’t go bald as long as you keep all of that to a minimum, and just try really hard to keep your hair moist and well taken care of. Use good shampoo, not cheap stuff. And don’t keep the iron on your hair for too long or when it is moist and you should be okay.

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